New Upcoming Project, Code Name *green*

Since Bc Hydro is raising the rates 7% more, I have been monitoring my power usage of my rack & equipment. My new Dell R415 is pretty decent on power, housing 24 gigs ram & 2 quad core AMD cpu’s, it’s not the power eater. Looking at the Qnap storage server, its only using 66watts with 4 sata drives in it, so it’s not that. Looking at both Cisco switches, those arn’t hogging power.

I’ve found the culprit to be the MSA firewall, researching it more, it has a P4 3.06 cpu in it, showing some power usage of 120watts, 133watts

Time to move on to a new unit.

Been looking at some new devices, along with building new fiewall, stay tuned for some pictures & specifications of the new Untangle *GREEN* Firewall..


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