New firewall Build !!

Just won a new mother board on ebay today. Supermicro MBD-A1SRI-2758F-O with the Atom C2758 8 core cpu. Ordered 16 gigs of DDR3 Ecc SoDimm memory for it, 2 x8 to get better channel speed. Not sure of what chassis I will end up with, maybe a Supermicro front panel 1u rack mount case & pcie – dual 10g port nic.

For now, i’ll just use a pair of 1gig nic’s on the board. I have Telus business Fibre @ home 1gig symmetrical internet.

I’ll post pictures of my build as I go. Parts have shipped, now to wait. Nice thing about SuperMicro Server boards, they have dedicated IMPI port’s so you can manage the board remotely.

Little Red Book-Shelf !

Thought I would update the blog a little, been really busy at work and some side projects to keep the hobby funds active. Had some time a few days ago to measure the Little Red Book Shelf speakers, and cobble together a very basic crossover.

I am pretty impressed with a little basic crossover, this little Sb Acoustics SB15NBAC30-8 woofer plays damn low and sounds amazing in this ported enclosure.

Stay tunes, I hope to update the crossover with better structure & some better measurements before and after.

Little Red Bookshelf Speakers

Been a while sorry guys ! Been busy working on Nelson Pass F5 Amplifiers & other Audio related things.

Thought I would post some pics of the progress on my little Red bookshelf speakers ! I did a quick inside the house Measurement the other day and “DAMN” for no crossover or any filter they are pretty smooth. ! ( will post more on that later )

For now a few photos of how they look so far ! I’m very happy with the look’s and color !

Red Book Shelf Speaker Project!

Been working on a design for the last few moths and the CNC’d pieces were finish for me this week !! Excited.

The speaker will use a Ribbon, Neox-2.0 and the 5″ driver is a Sbacoustics SB15MFC30-8 5″ woofer.

The box will be all rounded over corners & painted Chalk Paint red!

I did a project a few moths ago, and really really liked this red paint so im doing another pair of speakers with it !

SMPS & Aleph Mini Progress !

Today’s 2 Project’s Finish soldering on all the SMD Melf resistors for my Stereo All in one SSR board and do some testing. & THEN work on my Aleph Mini Class A project using 2 MeanWell SMPS powersupplies !  I have been working on this for a few weeks now and FINALY got the noise removed on the PSU’s so now I have clean ripple free 25V dc rails :)  VERY excited because now I can work on the next stage of this project !!

SMPS units are Meanwell IRM-60-25 units.

Happy dance !